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The site's been moved to NEOCITIES

I moved the site from nekoweb to neocities because the storage limit scared me. also more cool people on neocities !!

I added/changed a bunch today


I changed a bunch. Don't remeber what exactly. also index changed but I'll probably replace it with the homepage later on


so I HATED the original page and I'm recoding it on THIS ONE so it looks OKAY YAYY wahoo

about the "Webmaster"

HI i'm the person who made this site (who could've guessed) and this page is just going to talk about me and stuff

I go by Bhan, John, or 2254 on the internet normally

I talk and write like an AI on the internet because of my underlying fear of being too informal and accidentally doing something rude or offensive, or just being misunderstood.

also I'm 15 at the time of writing this, my brithday being on the 17th of March. Don't know why I felt the need to add that but now you know !

Most of my hobbies and interests center around my OCs and drawing but recently i've been making an attempt to "branch out" more because I feel like it (and other reasons I can't put into words ?)

I only recently taught myself how to program, originally getting into this in mid 2023, only to drop it later on due to school, and then pick it up once more early 2024 (aka. the time I'm writing this)

most of my time is spent drawing, and most of this site will be deticated to that and my characters. I'm also desperate as to have social media but I genuinely despise most of what it has to offer, since people are absolute assholes and god forbid anyone does something you disagree with.

Also considering what was last said, my "DNI" is basic, just no "proshippers", zoophiles, or pedophiles

I don't know.
2254 est. 2024 | I just needed something to put down here