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"Hello, welcome to this corner of the internet . This is a personal site, please view it when using a laptop or desktop. It will be used to "archive" my art and worldbuilding for my own future reference. It looks hideous on purpose, and it'll probably look even worse in the future. Sorry if anything here causes discomfort. Please enjoy your stay. I made it super small, so just zoom in until you're comfortable. meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow.


This is the Montio del monte, a Marsupial found in southwest South America. The unique thing about this critter is that it's the only Marsupial in the Americas that isn't a member of Ameridelphia, the family containing all opossums which are commonly credited to be the Americas only marsupials. They're considered a "living fossil". They're relatively small, and reside in forests, primarily feeding on bugs.

5/5/24-okay so this is the site neocities edition it's the exact same as the nekoweb one but will rarely be updated because my school blocks neocities (I preffer neocities, though, so this one will probably get more active over my summer break // starting june 7th I think// )

4/5/24-yayy homepage is done (I will still not replace the index whomp whomp)

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